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Audacious in spirit, Entropya has a presence in various sectors: alternative energy, real estate, communications and marketing Each of these is handled by an organization of technicians and specialists in that area of interest; everyone does what he knows best and what he loves to do, without losing sight of the fact that each business has a role to play within a larger “family” which collectively shares the goal of making the world we live in a better place.

Alternative Energy
Every day our planet is going through climatic and environmental upheavals that portend a less than rosy outlook. Born with “green blood” in its veins, The Entropya Group cannot help but focus on these issues by investing in renewable energy resources, the only real choice for addressing the energy problem.

Real Estate
The construction industry is in the midst of a profound renewal: green construction, ecologically sustainable design, restoration and use of natural materials. These are synergistic trends that co-exist thanks to technological advances and, above all, the human ingenuity that has given rise to unique solutions. The Group has launched into this sector with professionalism, reaping considerable success and recognition.

Communications and Marketing
It all begins with an idea. And Entropya understands the importance and value of communicating an idea with smarts and an underlying strategic vision. That is why a communications and marketing unit was establishing within the Group. The unit’s goal is to promote the Group’s brands and to offer the same set of expertise to external clients seeking an unconventional approach to brand communication.