one group, four visions  
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To develop business opportunities in different sectors, the Entropya Group relies on the four companies of which it is comprised. Each brings to the table its own expertise and team dynamics. Professionals from all over Italy have found in the their specific company and, more broadly in the parent company, the values and motivating factors that drive their passion for their work. 

year: 2011
Identity: Energy production company. Using advanced technology and expertise, the company deals with all forms of renewable energy – solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydrogen, and tidal.
Mission: To carry out research and development of key alternative technologies.
Vision: “We consider alternative sources to be not just possible choices but the imperative response to the energy problem.”
Activities: In the pursuit of its objectives the company is engaged in the study and analysis of energy sources, matching technology applications to processes as required from time to time in specific cases.

year: 2006
Identity: A well-established brand on the Italian renewable energy scene, developing plans for wind energy production. In June of 2008 Nextwind was a principal in a joint venture with Scottish and Southern Energy Renewables (SSER), a leading UK company listed on the London Stock Exchange. At the moment, the company boasts a portfolio of greater than 5000 megawatts.
Mission: Contribute to a solution to the energy problem by offering advanced technology solutions capable of reducing the impact of human activity on the planet, with the primary goal of passing on to future generations the fruit of our efforts – a livable world.
Vision: “Imagine the future in a light gust of wind.”
Activities: The company, composed of an expert team of around 20 people, provides deeply knowledgeable management of all parts the project life cycle: site acquisition, geological and environmental studies, civil and electrical engineering, and, of course, wind analysis.

year: 2009
Identity: Technology and green building. The focus of the company is on eco-sustainable real estate development oriented toward quality residential and environmental solutions. Several very prestigious developments completed in the historic city centers of major Italian cities, where the solutions implemented struck the perfect balance between respect for the building and the latest stylistic trends.
The company’s business includes the design of accommodations based on a holistic approach, in which everything revolves around the human being.
Mission: To find high-tech “green-oriented” solutions which create a successful confluence of the existing with the newly emergent.
Vision: “We want a future in which respect for the environment is fundamental to any real estate undertaking.”
Activities: The company’s focus is on the design, development, management and maintenance of buildings of diverse types and usages, all rigorously adhering to the principles of environmental sustainability.

year: 2010
Identity: Born to communicate. An advertising agency representing the heart of a broader communications project called Utopya, the unconventional place. A laboratory of physical and mental space, where experience and established practices (marketing, advertising, and planning) live side by side with every mode of communication: holistic marketing, design, fashion, books, media, nlp, empowering.
Mission: To give the brand an unmistakably distinguished identity in the marketplace beyond what can be achieved by traditional methods.
Vision: “We follow the flow of communication to arrive at unconventional solutions.”
Activities: The agency handles everything that related to the world of advertising: marketing plans, strategic marketing, direct marketing, communication plans, advertising, branding, media planning and buying, packaging, web marketing, website design, e-commerce.