Yesterday it was a possibility. Now is the only choice. Today you can’t act as nothing happened.
We have to change our ways of life because of enviromental problem.
Entropya actes fot this. Now. It’s time for action!
Four divisions, four sectors, one green spirit.
Nextwind “il futuro in un soffio” is a society which operates in renewables energy, exactly with the wind power. A joint venture with Scottish and Southern Energy Renewables (SSER), a leading UK company listed on the London Stock Exchange.
Etirya “l’energia invisbile” a society born with the aim of diversifing renewables field and of outsourcing Entropya’s know how.
Alche’Mia, an eco-sustainable real estate with the passion for design.
Utopya “Minds Lab” an unconventional communication agency with a green mindset, oriented toward eco-friendly choices.