Gabriella Chieffo
A rather eclectic and well-rounded individual, Gabriella Chieffo jump started her career even before graduating from university. Her foresight in choosing an experimental thesis on electromagnetic fields and their impact on human health allowed her to work as a consultant with the region of Basilicata, and later to be in charge of Network Implementation for the company Blu, S.p.a.
After working for two years as project manager and environmental engineer for a number of renewable energy companies, she decided to become an entrepreneur and to invest her earnings from her previous years.
In April of 2004, Gabriella Chieffo founded Bluvento s.r.l., of which she is also a shareholder, retaining 30% of the
company stock; at only 30 years of age, she became the managing director.
Bluvento, an Italian-German joint venture (70% of the stock is held by Tacke, inventor and manufacturer of the Tacke Turbines), immediately established itself in the Italian market by generating more than 600 MW in Basilicata.
In 2005, Gabriella and her partner Andrea Antonelli Drago founded the company Entropya, then Gruppo, to meet the increasingly demanding need for sustainable growth strategies in the Italian south, which is and will remain a decisive factor on numerous other occasions.
Entropya positioned itself from the outset as a breeding ground of ideas where the division of roles among the shareholders runs along physiological lines: Gabriella deals with the technical aspects of growth, while Andrea focuses on the financial aspects of the company. In November 2006, Entropya founded Nextwind, which in 2008 became a joint venture company with SSE.
As both managing director and chief engineer of the company, Gabriella Chieffo oversees projects representing a combined portfolio of 3000 MW in Southern Italy, and manages 25 employees.

Andrea Antonelli Drago
After completing his studies in electronic engineering he began to focus primarily on finance, participating in the restructuring of a number of large Italian industrial firms and investing in different ventures through his own companies. Some 20 years ago he created HiCP, which included among its suppliers such prominent entities as TSF of the Italian Railways as well as the consortium CIRIO.
In the communications sector, HiCP also created important digital video productions in collaboration with Corriere dello Sport and developed marketing campaigns for the Great Jubilee.
In 2000, together with Gavino Sanna, he created a company that is active in the field of communications. Both partner and board member of a private equity firm, he then founded, together with a number of partners, a company with industrial holdings called Italiana Investimenti, and soon after, the company Aventia, a model in the world of financial services for private equity and venture capital.
In 2005, his interest in environmental issues led him to found, together with Gabriella Chieffo, a new industrial firm, Entropya Group, active in the renewable energy sector.