one group, four visions  
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The future is built daily by a group grounded in inspiring and motivating values:

Passion_ the primary energy that drives everything. Passion for one’s own work, for facing challenges, for achieving

Excellence_that which distinguishes achieving success from achieving an objective. Doing something well is important, doing it better is the key. Leaving behind for future generations a well-defined initiative, the best product obtainable with the knowledge at hand, means having a firm sense of

Responsibility_is required at every level, professionally and socially. Living in and planning for a sustainable world means that each and every actor must play his role responsibly. It is a core value asked of

People_who work with us. A team effort, everyone’s combined energy. The importance of all individuals and their well-being, the development of their talents and skills, the use of their energy to seed new energy. An effective individual, team or company is grounded in a lasting sense of

Respect_for all of concerned stakeholders: suppliers, customers, shareholders, the community itself. Respect for the environment, for life, for the world. All this thanks to the innate values of the group; that is, deep-rooted

Ethics_which means acting with transparency and integrity, with respect for the law and for moral values.